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Do what you Love to Love What you Do

When you do what you love & Love what you Do : you will act good you will be Satisfied you will Successed in your work then you will be Satisfied with your Career & Salary

How To Manage Your Boss –ways to “manage up “

First try to understand your boss. Don’t try to be a transformer. Build on strengths. Focus strengths on things that matter. Find out what works. Build your relationship. How to avoid being overloaded or having your time wasted. Build a bigger network. Think of your boss as a resource. Keep your promises No surprises, ever…

HR Professional

Leadership Style for HR Professionals • As an HR Professional, it’s your responsibility to get the most out of your employees. Your leadership style will have a significant impact on their motivation to produce. Leading by example is one way to accomplish this, and it means more than simply walking the talk. It also includes…

HR Outsourcing

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