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Skills and tools

Team Work
Team Management
communication skills
Microsoft applications including Word
Stress Management

Work Experience

  • January 2017 - Currently Working
    Expert in common law
    Caisse Auxiliaire d'Assurance Maladie-et Invalidité

    Working with and helping refugees to get integrated in the system: language school registration, health insurance registration, start contributing to social security, find housing, registration in a Public Centre of Social Welfare

     Working with and helping people in poverty to get out of their bad situation: listening to their problems, trying to comfort them, explaining how we’re going to solve their problems, asking them to participate in all the actions we take

     Working with legal, justice and police departments: screening statements of refugees

     Working in the international conventions department: intermediary between foreign governments and people in Belgium

     Getting social advantages for people in need: to get people in need free health care, cheaper electricity/water/internet costs, cheaper transportation, … 

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